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Eva Hammarlund
Lawyer, Advfa Hammarlund Sheppard

" I manage a law firm specialising in family law. Arvin and this team at Digital Potential are running Facebook Ads and Landing Page Optimization for me. Before this, I was a bit hesitant against advertising, but the ads are getting me leads and clients consistently - which is great. I would strongly recommend Arvins services for other businesses that want more clients. "


" Arvin from Digital Potential created an amazing webshop for my cashmere clothing brand WHTESTHLM and have enabled huge growth for my brand through their advanced marketing startegies and deep expertise. I can't recommend them enough to any clothing brand looking for faster growth! "


" Digital Potential helped me structure my advertising campaigns and optimize my website for better conversions. I woud recommend them to any clothing - line looking to grow efficiently. Peek-a-Poo sells high-quality clothes for children and small dogs. "

Ällmora Bygg & Kakel AB Logo
Erik Moreno
Founder, Ällmora Bygg & Kakel

" Carlos from Digital Potential has designed & developed a professional and responsive website that fulfills all of our needs. The whole process of  was easy and effective, he provided us with what we needed to be able to answer our customers questions and generate leads through our webiste. "

Tiffany & Fatima
Founders of Coortez

“ We hired Digital Potential to completely redo our website and move to Shopify. We had high ambitions with the new website to create a unique web-based e-commerce store and experience for visitors. Arvin & Carlos delivered above expectations and has been very flexible and rewarding during the project. Can warmly recommend Digital Potential as a knowledgeable and creative agency. ”

Gottisbilen Logo
Founder, Gottisbilen

" Digital Potential does a great job of increasing our results and maintaining the 3x ROAS that we are looking to achieve. We recently implemented a quiz funnel that they suggested, and we already see a 40% decrease in CPA.They are continually giving my marketing team new ideas. Excellent communication and great results. Great team to work with! "

Chanelle Malmqvist
Lawfirm owner, Malmqvist AB

" Arvin and his team have helped me with digital marketing and have primarily aimed at marketing on social media. I am very pleased with their efforts and they have really helped my company to grow a lot in a very short time. They know how to tailor marketing in a way that reaches exactly the potential customers you want to get in touch with. If you want your company to reach many - and the right auidence - then hire Digital Potential. I can highly recommend them! "

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